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Golden Visa in Greece and in Europe. State Program. Long–term Residence Permit for Real Estate Owners and Their Family Members.

Since year 2013, Greek Government has been creating favorable circumstances such as various programs and laws for foreign investors, ready to invest their funds into the Greek real estate. It’s been a while since the opportunity of receiving the long-term residence permit in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries has been given much attention and appreciation not only from travelers from all the World, but also from foreigners, who consider the benefits of investing their monetary resources into the Greek real estate market. In exchange for this, the above mentioned country grants plenty of perks, warranties and privileges to the real estate owners.


What is required in the pursuit of the “Golden Visa”:


  • to be willing to enjoy the magnificent views of the landscapes of Greek nature as often as possible
  • to be enduring one of the world’s best weather conditions, along with the fabulous Mediterranean climate, including the refreshing sea breeze as well as absolutely pure mountain air
  • to be receiving favorably traditional hospitability of the local population
  • to be interested in historical, architectural and cultural sites being so close by
  • to love homemade healthy food and lifestyle
  • to be eager to visit as many European countries as possible without being obligated to arrange Visa and other relevant documents every time you would like to cross the border of those countries
  • to be interested in profitable investments
  • to be ready for the minimized investment amount during the process of the real estate purchase, whether it is of one property object or several altogether of total value of Euro 250,000; along with that, real estate property registration and residence permit issuance will require payment of some additional taxes and charges provided by the Greek Law


Standard procedure to issue the “Golden visa”:

  • to sign an agreement with the Law office along with the real estate agency with a view to purchase real estate property
  • to receive Schengen visa of any type in the relevant consulate authorities in order to enter Greece
  • to choose and to buy one or several real estate property objects in Greece worth  Euro 250,000, otherwise to arrange a contract for a long-term lease of private accommodation, valid for at least 10 years, with the contract value of at least Euro 250,000, provided the lump-sum payment of the above mentioned amount
  • to pay the necessary state duties and taxes, required for the implementation of the ownership transfer
  • to arrange a log-term residence permit valid for 5 years for all the family members including the parents (allowing its further extension for the similar period of time)

* the owner of the 100 % controlling interest of the legal entity, which has implemented a capital investment in real estate property of total value at least Euro 250,000, also has the right to obtain the long-term residence permit


Kindly see below information concerning real estate purchase and ownership taxes:


  • a lump-sum tax for purchase of secondary real estate property in Greece equals 3%
  • the purchase of the primary real estate property from the tenant builder provided the construction permit was received after 31st of December 2015, is subject to the Value Added Tax equal to 24% (VAT)
  • annual Owners of property Tax (ENFIA), the amount of which is determined depending on the construction year, location and cost of the real estate property object

* there is no need for you to become a tax resident in Greece


Advantages and Privileges of the State Program:

  • minimized processing period  for the residence permit (we guarantee it to be done within one week), which starting from the year 2015 is issued in the new format, including biometrics, and represented as a card, along with the state guarantee the permit receipt, provided the real estate transaction was carried out legitimately
  • facilitated processing of the residence permit extension for a further 5 year period provided the ownership of the earlier purchased real estate property objects is preserved
  • the possibility of receiving a long-term residence permit  for the spouse of the real estate property owner, as well as for his children up to 21 years of age and for his parents (new!)
  • permissible receiving of the Greek citizenship following the expiry of the 5 year period of living in Greece along with the real and effective chance to acquire the status of the citizen of the Hellenic Republic as a result of completing the procedures prescribe by law 
  • not necessary to reside in the Greek territory
  • besides Greece, to be able to enter visa-free and to move freely throughout the other States of the Schengen Agreement
  • profitable capital investment and a possibility to rent the real estate property object that was purchased, hence having an official income this way
  • stability and security of the Greek banking system


Besides its obvious natural blessings the country can offer you the following:

  • high standard health care
  • access to obtaining European education
  • low crime rate
  • no acts of terrorism happening within the country


If you chose to be represented by the Greek Law Office of Ms Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou in order to receive the “Golden Visa”, there will be no need to apply any other organization or institution for any kind of other intermediary services. If cooperating directly with our Law Office, please make no mistake that you will be safe from any extra or false moves, thereby saving yourself some time, money and hassle. It is our long-standing cooperation with top category specialists in the area of real estate services that particularly guarantees the quality of rendered real estate services. Our real estate agents provide their services in Russian as well and up to almost no time according to the provided characteristics they will pick up a suitable real estate property object to show you.  “Golden Visa” is particularly distinguished by the minimized investment amounts, as opposed to the other European countries, along with providing the maximum term residence permit, i.e. for five years.

  • The given program is developed under the provisions of the Act No. 4146 of 18/04/2013 “Of creation of favorable investment climate for state and private investments” and under provisions of the Act No. 4251 of 01/04/2014 “Migration and social integration code”, taking into account the changes, introduced by the provisions of the Act No.4332 of 09/07/2015.


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