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Residence Permit In Greece For Property Owners And Their Parents (new provisions)

A huge number of citizens of the CIS countries have already had a chance to appreciate the beauty and hospitality of Greece, many are just going to undertake a trip and get acquainted with this wonderful country. Regardless of the challenging economic and political situation in some countries, Greece in terms of tourism, business and investment remains a pertinent direction. So, many Russian patriots consider the Greek Republic as an option for investing money in real estate. Based on personal interests and taking into account the location of the real estate property objetc, each owner disposes of his investment respectively. Renting an apartment in one of the city districts to local residents, renting a house on the island for tourists, developing their own hotel business - there are many options to make the investment profitable. For others, purchased housing becomes their second home, because fro those who are a frequent visitor in sunny Hellas, there is nothing better than having your own "safe haven"!

Potential buyers of real estate abroad often and fairly raise the question of whether they will be able to visit the country of their investment at any time, for which there is a positive response provided that a residence permit is issued.

The category of residence permits for real estate owners in Greece was introduced relatively recently, namely after the publication in 2014 of Law No. 4152, entitled "The Migration and Social Integration Code and other provisions". According to this law, citizens of third countries who are full owners of real estate objects located on the territory of Greece, with a total cost of two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euros, have the right to issue a residence permit for themselves and their family members. But, according to the new provisions of the Greek legislation, in addition to spouses and children under the age of 21, the parents of the property owner or his / her spouse can also obtain a residence permit.

This residence permit is issued for a period of five years and provides its owners with all the advantages of long-term residence permit and, first of all, the right to visit Greece unlimited number of times without the need for an entry visa, as well as the right to stay in the territory of other member countries of the European Union .

Let us recall the main prerequisites for obtaining such a residence permit for third-country nationals:

- Full ownership - personally or through a legal entity - of a property the value of which reaches at least two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euros;

- Rent of tourist apartments for a period of at least ten years and for the amount of two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euros;

- Possession of a property worth 250.000 Euro, the ownership for which was transferred to of a third country citizen from the parents (by inheritance) or as a gift bequest. In this case, only the heir or the donee is entitled to apply for a residence permit;

- Purchase of a land plot for the purpose of constructing a residential building, provided that the total cost of the plot and the amount of the contract for construction work is at least two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euros;

It should be noted that the acquisition of property worth less than two hundred and fifty thousand euros will facilitate the procedure for the registration of a residence permit, albeit in a different category, in particular, for financially independent person and with a two-year period of validity.


The International Law Office of Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou's provides legal support for real estate purchase and sale transactions in order to ensure the legitimacy and validity of their maintenance in full compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of Greece. The registration of residence permits for owners of real estate property objects (regardless of the value of the object) is included in the range of specialized services provided by the Law Office.




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