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Validation of Foreign Studies and Degrees

A large group of Greek residents and some of Greek citizens are the holders of diplomas and degrees received abroad – in the EU or in the third countries. However not every one of them is able to get an employment status matching their field of studies, as long as in accordance with the current Greek law such certifications and degrees are supposed to pass the formal procedure of recognition of foreign education and qualifications on the basis of the international treaties regulating the issues of the validation and establishment of equivalence of foreign documents on education.

This process is being carried out by the authorized Greek public bodies and includes the thorough verification of legitimacy of foreign higher or vocational schools along with the assessment of a level of education and qualification attained.

The authorities responsible for carrying out the above procedure are the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information centre (Δ.Ο.Α.Τ.Α.Π.) and the National Organisation for the Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (Ε.Ο.Π.Π.Ε.Π.) – depending on a diploma classification whether it is a graduation document of initial vocational training, of vocational or higher school and also depending on a qualification assigned. Prior to the submission of the application for recognition of a foreign education document, the certain supporting documents should be gathered together and the relevant state levy is to be paid. All the included documents issued by the foreign authorities have to be authenticated with an Apostille or certified by the Diplomatic Authority. Moreover, these documents should be translated into Greek by the translation service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece or by a Greek lawyer.

Upon consideration of the aforementioned application and after verification of the accompanying documents for compliance with the stated requirements, as well as by the results of exams specially defined in order to confirm a qualification of an applicant, the authorised body takes a decision on the recognition of the education document. In this way, the equivalence of academic and professional rights acquired by an applicant in a foreign country due to their education and qualifications and of rights granted due to the relevant education and qualifications obtained in Greece is determined.

The Law Office of Mrs Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou with full responsibility and promptness performs legal services regarding the procedure of validation of foreign studies and degrees in Greece including the service of certified translation of the required supporting documents into Greek language and submission of the relevant application to an authorized body, as well as monitoring the progress of the application status and solving issues arising during the process of consideration.

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