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Greece is a country that has always attracted the interest of foreign citizens who come to it for various purposes: vacation, study, work, investment or to reunite with their loved ones. In each of the above cases, legal entry into the country requires the issue of a visa by the competent consular authority of the concerned person’s place of residence. When staying in the country is going to take a significant length of time, which exceeds the duration of the visa, a legitimate residence requires the issue of a residence permit.

The process of issuing a residence permit in Greece is, unfortunately, a rather difficult and time-consuming process due to the specificities of the law and the bureaucracy that affects public services. Those who are trying to issue their residence permit on their own are very often confronted with unanswered questions, problems and obstacles that they can not overcome. The result of these in practice is that they are not properly informed, do not collect the necessary supporting documents, suffer unfairly by going two or three times to the competent services, and even more importantly, that they lose critical deadlines or due to lack of information they are unaware of their rights and they lose them.

So if you want to be properly informed about whether you are entitled to a residence permit, the necessary supporting documents you need to collect, or even the possibilities of response in case your application is rejected, you should consult a specialized legal scientist who will illuminate all the ambiguities of the law and will point to the right steps. In particular, your legal guardian will find the category of law you fall within, inform you about the necessary supporting documents and make an appointment for applying. These are very important, as many people do not have everything they need and as a result they miss their appointment, which they made alone by waiting for hours at the competent authorities. Furthermore, after organizing your complete envelope, the lawyer will proceed with the filing of the application, without you being troubled by waiting in queues, as your presence will only be needed for the reception of your biometric data. If your application is rejected, your lawyer, as a good commander of the law, will draw up the appropriate legal remedies to request a re-examination of the case.  Lastly, and as a last resort, he/she will go to courts that will judge the legality of the acts of the authorities.

 Mrs. Svetlana’s Kasatkina-Kouskou Law Office, thanks to her twenty-year experience and expertise in immigration law, undertakes cases of issue of foreign citizens' residence permits in Greece. If you are interested in staying in the country to study, work, buy a property or set up a company or branch, or if you are financially independent and wish to live in Greece and move freely throughout the European Union and the Schengen area or if you have family ties with Greek citizens, if you wish to marry or sign a cohabitation agreement with your partner or if you have been living in the country for many years and want to be legalized, you can contact us for information and the submission of the application for your residence permit. Besides, if you face any problems (rejection of your application, enrollment in a list of undesirable non-nationals, pending issues with the police authorities etc.), you can again look for our advice and services. Lastly, if you wish to obtain the Greek citizenship and be informed about the law, we undertake the handling of your case. Based on our principles of accountability, seriousness and confidentiality, we will answer all your questions, issue your residence permit and resolve all the problems that have arisen during your legalization process in the country.




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