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Divorce by Mutual Consent - New Accelerated Procedure Before a Notary

In modern times, there is an increasing number of couples that decide to resolve their marriage, fact that led to a detailed regulation of the divorce issue procedure by the legislator in Articles 1438 et seq. of the Civil Code. In the above articles, the spouses are given the option to choose between a divorce in litigation and one by mutual agreement (consensual divorce).

Recently, with the enactment of Law 4509/22.12.2017, significant changes were made to the divorce procedure, as Article 22 of the aforementioned Law replaced the relevant article 1441 of the Civil Code. The most significant change is that consensual divorce applications will no more be issued in the competent territorial Courts of First Instance. With the new law, the procedure is transferred to notary's jurisdiction, a simple act of whom leads to the resolution of the marriage.

In particular, the procedure provided for in the new Article 1441 CC involves a written agreement on the resolution of the marriage that will be signed by the spouses and their attorneys or by only the latter in case they have been given a special power of attorney. In case there are minor children, the issues of custody, maintenance and communication are regulated in the same or another written agreement. It should be taken into consideration that one attorney is required for each of the spouses, therefore two attorneys are needed.

The attorneys-at-law then submit the above agreement to the competent notary and conduct the procedure in the competent public services.

Lastly, regarding the already submitted applications for divorce, these are still being tried by Courts of First Instance under the old procedure that was in force at the time of their filing.

The International Law Office of Mrs. Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou undertakes from the beginning to the end the issuance of your consensual divorce. In particular, we provide the below described services: composition of the agreement of the marriage resolution, draft of the agreement of custody, maintenance and communication with the minor children, indication of a competent notary (partner of our office) and completion of the procedure before him/her. Finally, we are able to take on the already filed applications of divorce before the law was enacted. With speed, responsibility, confidentiality and cooperation with a trusted and specialized notaries, we guarantee the resolution of your marriage and the successful handling of all relevant issues.




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