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Cyber Crime

Due to the rapid technological breakthroughs and the development of the information technology  in our country, the last few years, the crimes which are being committed by the internet servers or by the use of computer devices, the so-called electronic crimes, are emerging and flourishing. The concept of "Electronic Crime" includes criminal offenses committed with the use of computers and data processing systems. Depending on how they are executed, they are divided into crimes consisting of: (a) crimes committed by the use of  electronic computers (computer crimes) and (b) cyber crimes, which take place via the Internet.

Cyber crimes may have the ultimate goal of damaging your computer, e.g. computer virus transmission or to use computer networks and computer devices to fulfill end-to-end purposes such as to commit a fraud, identity and personal data theft, password breaks, uploading of malicious pictures, spreading false news on blogs, and social media, software piracy, attacks on websites, etc.

The main forms of cyber crime are: a) Internet frauds, b) child pornography, c) cracking and hacking, d) software piracy, e) crimes related to credit cards, f) drug trafficking , g) humiliation, extortion and defamation (simple and slanderous) as well as the various crimes happened in chat rooms.

 By virtue of Law 4411/2016 of the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime (Budapest Convention) and its Additional Protocol on the criminalization of racist and xenophobic acts committed through computerized systems and the  incorporated Directive 2013/40 / EU on attacks against information systems with the aim of facilitating the prevention of offenses in relation to information systems and improving cooperation between judicial and other competent authorities of the Member States the EU.

The Greek Penal Code punishes cyber crimes and more specifically: the obstruction of the operation of information systems (Article 292B CC), the production, sale, supply, use, importation, possession, distribution or otherwise of distribution of programs or devices designed to the commission of acts of Article 292B (Article 292C), the pornography of minors using information systems (Article 348A of the Code of Criminal Procedure), the attraction of children for sexual purposes, using information systems (Article 348B of the Penal Code) the unlawful use of or access to an information system, including hacking (Article 370C), the confidentiality of communications through information systems (Article 370 D), import, distribution, possession and the availability of programs, devices or technical means to enable access to an information system (Article 370 E), the deterioration of electronic data (Article 381A),  the punishment of the production, sale, supply, use, import, possession, distribution or otherwise of the distribution of programs or devices designed to commit the acts of Article 381A (Article 381B) and computer fraud (Article 386 CC).

The Law Office of miss Kasatkina- Kouskou Svetlana provides counseling services on how to deal with and clarify online crimes and assumes your representation and the execution of the necessary legal actions for the punishment of the above crimes as well as for your material and moral satisfaction from the any personal or property damage you have suffered if a cyber crime has been committed against you.

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