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Divorce Issue and Minor Child Abduction Abroad

In recent years, through the internationalization of society, mixed marriages and marriages between Greek and foreign citizens are becoming more and more common. However, such a marriage, in case it fails, is likely to pose serious risks and cause great and difficult-to-solve problems.

The simplest and most common event that could arise is the abandonment of the marital residence by the foreign spouse and his / her transfer to his / her country of origin abroad. In this case, divorce in Greece is complicated, especially if the national spouse does not know the exact permanent address of his / her opponent abroad. In order to immediately and safely resolve the above situation and to implement the process of the divorce issue in the shortest possible time, the assistance of a specialized law firm with experience in dealing with such cases is necessary and decisive.

 Moreover, if the above couples have acquired children, either as married or as unmarried parents, it is not uncommon for a foreign parent to leave Greece accompanied by his or her minor child , as a result depriving the Greek father / mother of his or her child and preventing him/her from exercising parental responsibility and the right to communicate with his/her child.  In fact, there are a lot of times when national parents completely lose their children's traces and never manage to communicate with them, and as a result the abducted children are raised without the presence and parental figure of one of their natural parents.

However, if the non-national originates in Russia or another country of the former Soviet Union, the situation described above can be remedied through state mediation. Of course, in order that the above procedure proceeds and the desired result is achieved, i.e. the minor’s return to Greece, concrete and careful actions must be taken certainly with the assistance of a qualified lawyer, who will be able to complete successfully,  with speed and discretion the child's return procedure.

The Law Office of Mrs Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana specializes and can be dealing with immediacy, precision, discretion and efficiency with these delicate, unique and complex family law cases, either related to minors or not  and either developed at national or trans-national level.





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