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Residence Permit for Foreign Parents of Under-age Natives in Greece

            If you look closely at the geographical position of Greece on the world map, you would surely notice that it constitutes the joining point between the west and the east, as well as the north and the south, resulting in numerous migration flows all the way throughout the history of this country from both East European countries and African and Asian ones. And of course we cannot forget about the neighboring countries (Albania, Bulgaria, etc.). This fact has led to a certain coexistence of the foreign nationals and native citizens of the country, who live side by side in harmony, interact, develop interpersonal relationships, marry and acquire children.

               And certainly there are quite a few of the above-mentioned third-country nationals, who, while permanently residing in Greece and having children with Greek citizens, do not have any legalized identification documents that allow their stay in the country, i.e. a legal residence permit. This, from its perspective, leads to a number of problems, since ultimately they themselves find it difficult to carry out their duties as parents in the proper way. Given that these people can not leave Greece as their children reside legally in the country and that the other parent is of Greek citizenship, the Greek legislation system has introduced a special category of residence permit for humanity reasons, which refers to the foreign parents of under-age children, who reside in the country without any official documents.

               In particular, those third-country nationals, who happen to be the parents of under-age children of Greek citizenship and who do not have a residence permit or any other official document allowing them to reside legally in Greece, may apply for the residence permit, submitting a relevant application along with all the required proofs of the parent-child relationship to the Secretariat of the Ministry of Immigration Policy, that is based in Athens and serving the whole region. No fee is required for the application submission, except the Cost charge for the stand-alone residence card issuance in the amount of EUR 16.00. In addition, for this category of residence permit, the applicant‘s biometric data must be obtained from him in order to included those into the residence card itself as soon as it is issued, that is a 4x6 photograph of passport specifications, the applicant‘s signature, and his fingerprints. It must be duly noted that during the examination of the applicant’s file and prior to the issuance of the residence permit card, it is likely that, in order to prove a relation status between the parents (foreign and Greek) and the child, the Ministry will require to pass and then submit a DNA test of the the above mentioned relatives, namely the mother, the father and the child.

            After being issued by the Ministry, this type of residence permit is renewed with five years validation period by the Aliens and Immigration Department of the Decentralized Administration of the third-country national place of residence.

            The law office of MS SVETLANA KASATKINA-KOUSKOU provides a range of services of qualified legal support during the process of obtaining a residence permit for parents of under-age Greek citizens, including the submitting an application and necessary documentation to the relevant department of the Ministry of Migration Policy in Athens along with receiving a residence permit, representing the interests of a third-country national in the Greek migration institutions. Speed, consistency and reliability are the guarantee of ours and your success!

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