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Updated procedure for obtaining Greek citizenship

An amendment to the law was submitted to the Parliament for consideration, which involves making changes in the procedure for obtaining Greek citizenship. These changes envisage the introduction of a new mechanism regulating the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on issues of citizenship in general.

In particular, the provisions of the Greek citizenship Code (No. 3284/2004) are subject to substantial revision, according to which the compulsory condition for obtaining Greek citizenship upon the fact of birth and / or education in the Greek school will be only the education based on the compulsory educational program approved in Greece.

Also, the changes envisaged by this amendment will affect the spouses of diplomats and, in general, of the employees of the consular departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who, for the duration of their service, are forced to stay abroad for a certain period of time. In this case, the time spent outside Greece by third country nationals is part of the time period necessary to obtain Greek citizenship by naturalization.

In addition, in case if a foreign national has a valid residence permit, except for a temporary residence permit, and if he has fulfilled all the conditions necessary for naturalization in accordance with the established formalities, he has the right to naturalization, provided that he had resided in Greece for 12 years at the time of the application. The decision on naturalization is adjusted in accordance with the established procedure.

Special transitional provisions on the naturalization of persons of foreign origin were also abolished (Article 25 of Law 3838/2010). It is noted though that applications for naturalization pending at the moment, which were filed in accordance with the above provisions, continue to be examined under those provisions, so if they were in force until their cancellation.

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