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The Advantages of Our Law Office or 11 Reasons to Choose Us

The lawyer Mrs Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana provides qualified legal support and consultations in Greece to individuals and legal entities in order to protect their rights, freedoms and interests.

In everyday life quite often a person encounters problems and tasks requiring professional legal help. But making a choice among a variety of law firms is not always easy. Nowadays the legal market in Greece is various enough. The professional activities are implemented by a great amount of legal offices and individual lawyers, as well as by intermediary firms.

It might seem not hard at all when there are so many ads and advertising on the Internet. However the reality is not so simple. To make a right choice, to find a professional who has a sufficient experience is not an easy task.

To become a legal professional it is not enough to just get a law degree. It is necessary to pass the qualification exams, to take the oath of the lawyer and while carrying out professional activities to be guided by the Code of the Profession.

So why we offer you to choose particularly us:

1. The work experience of Mrs. Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou is over ten years. All the cases and negotiations with the clients are led by her in person confidentially.

2. You may rely on help of the lawyer Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou at any time. Despite of her complicated schedule she always answers the phone calls PERSONALLY! (in cases when she is away from the office, all the landlines are in a mode of call forwarding to her mobile number). Mrs. Kasatkina-Kouskou at all times pays particular attention to her clients’ calls and problems until the late evening. Even for the night her mobile phone stays switched on for the serious matters.

3. The individual approach is guaranteed to every client.

4. Mrs. Kasatkina-Kouskou speaks three languages (Russian, English and Greek) – it is a great advantage that lets her effectively and correctly represent the interests of her clients from all over the world. For an English-speaking person it will always be convenient to get the necessary information in a familiar language, following the confidential atmosphere between the lawyer and a client without any presence of an interpreter.

5. The legal support is being carried out as soon as possible.

6. A full range of legal services is provided: legal support for real estate deals, for business maintenance, representing interests of clients in a law court, obtaining and maintaining of the residence permit in Greece, etc.

7. We appreciate success and our reputation. We do not like to lose!

8. We collaborate with the best professionals whose presence is necessary for completing your goals. This helps us to reside the leading position among English-speaking specialists of Greece.

9. The fact that we also cooperate with the first-string international companies confirms the responsible and reliable reputation of our law office, as well as our stable position on the legal market.

10. We are always the first ones to public useful information based on legislative framework of Greece. We use the legal information only from the original sources, analyze and translate it independently.

11. And the main reason – We are recommended!

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