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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Plagiarism as a Tool of Business Promotion

In the age of the rapid development of information technologies and Internet those of occupations, the primary activity of which is based on brainwork, are quite frequently facing problems of claiming their rights in the area of protection of intellectual property rights. And even specialists in the legal field are no exception to that.

One would think that being an attorney implies an impeccable knowledge of laws in force along with one’s perfect understanding of consequences in case of their violation. However, unfortunately, far from all specialists in this area consider themselves obliged to follow only common business ethics and flagrantly violate the copyright law! In particular, both so called Greek lawyers, i.e. specialists of doubtful skill, but also officially certificated and actually award-winning lawyers do not shun to borrow topics, as well as partially or entirely to copy materials, published on their colleagues web-sites or social network pages.

I, lawyer Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou, would like to give a piece of advice to the above mentioned fellow lawyer to use the intellectual resources of their own while creating the text content of the articles, published on their behalf in the social network, in order to avoid giving reason to the content actual right holders to accuse them in plagiarism! 

Last official warning! In case publication of any information or any texts, partially or entirely copied from my web-site (or translation of those texts into other languages) or from the social network pages, connected to my web-site is established again, I will have no choice but to reveal the links to those publications of mine that were illegally transposed from me, along with the names of those colleagues or other officials who committed the act of plagiarism, and to publish them in the public domain. The following step will be bringing the matter before the courts.

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