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Residence Permit - Legalization!

In 2015 many foreign nationals got a possibility to become legal residents due to the law № 4332 by which the Immigration Code has been amended. Citizens of third countries who arrived to Greece more than three years ago with Greek visa may apply for a residence permit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Greece situated in Athens. It is necessary to present a passport, even if it is expired, with the above-mentioned visa. Those who do not have a Greek visa in their passport, but who lives in Greece for more than seven consecutive years and there are documents supporting this fact, such as dated payment receipts, may follow the same procedure.

Foreign nationals who earlier were deprived of their residence permit or could not extend it due to lack of health insurance (ένσημα), or for other reasons, may now restore it. In this event a previous residence permit, expired in the current decade, is required as a prior condition. For a person who whilst residing in Greece illegally became a parent, the new law also provides a possibility to issue the residence permit on condition that the second parent has a legal status. The application for the residence permit along with all necessary documents is submitted to the local prefecture.

The above prerequisites are the exceptional reasons for a residence permit to be issued. When applying, besides all documents the duty payment receipt should be attached. The amount of the duty is 300 euro.

For those satisfying one of the above categories but having no possibility to be present at the Ministry or at the Attica Prefecture in person to apply for a residence permit, the lawyer Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou provides the corresponding services and, being appointed by the power of attorney, presents her clients at all official institutions. Concerning residents of other Greek regions, to convey documents to Athens a courier service might be used.

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