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            Taking advantage of the fact, that my opinion is considered authoritative, and first of all, on the rights of a competent expert in my working field with many years of experience behind me, I would like to address foreign citizens who are currently or constantly residing in Greece, or anyone who has something to do with this country, and give them another piece of my advice. 

          The fact is, that cases of professional deception happen to be quite common in Greece. The problems of the immigrants are frequently becoming a means of a dishonest earning of so-called “masters of their craft”, who provide their services without any kind of license available.

            Residence permits, employment, family disputes, education, business and entrepreneurship, real estate renting and purchasing happen to be the most pressing and essential issues for foreigners. And due to various circumstances, in most cases, a foreign citizen has to approach to the relevant specialists, which is basically natural and logical, because this is the very reason they exist actually. So this is the way a lawyer, a notary, an employment agent, a realtor, an accountant and representatives of other areas of expertise acquire clients. Not always, though, their relationship is based on mutual trust and honesty. Many self-positioned professionals lack basic literacy. Quite often you can hear someone complain about particular examples of negligence, even more often you observe the bright advertising of the offices with loud names in the media and social networks, but in fact it turns out that not all of these professionals have passed the appropriate certification procedures successfully, and, ultimately, do not have a license granting the right to operate in the areas of expertise declared by them  so boldly.

            And it might be understandable if these people were really trying to help and to assist their clients, but, unfortunately, their only purpose is to make money, to gain profit. Besides, how can one carry out any official and even legal actions in circumvention of the law?!

          Dear readers, if there is a need for you to access to the services, for example, of the lawyer, whom you became interested in, then during counseling you should better enquire, which Bar Association in Greece he is registered in, and ask him his registration number (aka ΑΜΔΣ). Not to mention the fact that any lawyer should have a legal address and an office for receiving clients with a corresponding nameplate with his name on it. The same applies to the person who provides you with realtor services. As far as the realtors, they are registered under the general trade number ΓΕΜΗ. Notary services should be provided by a specialist licensed in the field of law, who only possesses the relevant state certificate and who certifies the documents with the stamp of the Hellenic Republic.

            It is quite difficult to be on guard always, but it is worth paying attention at all times and to keep your eyes and ears open so to speak. And when in contact with such characters, hopefully you will keep in mind to be careful and no to let anyone fool you!

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