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Submission, renewal and receipt of the residence permit


It is already known that since 1st January 2014 and in order to improve the services provided to the third-country nationals who are legally living in Greece, the pre-existing public Immigration offices were reorganized to create the “one – stop services”.

Due to the fact that the staff has not yet been organized and settled in those new offices the quality of the provided services to the citizens is affected and as a result many problems are caused.
In addition to this, on the 1st of April 2014 a new law was published in the Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic number 4251/2014 and its title is «Immigration Code and Social Integration and other provisions».This law codifies all the pre-existing provisions related to immigration of foreign citizens and their social integration in Greece, while important changes and additions took place. Some of them entered into force on the day they were published in the Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic i.e. on 01/04/14, while others will enter into force after two months, i.e. on 01/06/14.
Some of this changes in legislation, improve the status of the third country nationals, while some others make the procedure for the residence permit much more complicated and as a result the situation in those “one - stop service” offices which is already  poor, is getting worse. Additionally, third country nationals who, as a general rule, are not familiar with the new changes in the legislation will face difficulties in claiming their rights in the authorities mentioned above. To avoid any serious problems  in the future concerning  the residence permit or even to avoid fines etc, we recommend to take advice  from  a professional in this field.

Svetlana’s Kasatkina – Kouskou law office provides to third country nationals consultancy services as well as representation in the immigrant offices for:

Α. Submission, renewal and receipt of the residence permit or the blue document
- Residence permit for second generation immigrants (children of immigrants who are born in Greece or have completed 6 yeas in a Greek school)
-Residence permit for exceptional  reasons,
-Residence permit for humanitarian reasons,
-Residence permit for financially independent citizens,
-Residence permit for independent  financial activities,
-Residence permit for family reunification and other sorts of residence permit.

Β. Notification of changes in immigrant’s marital status, address or personal information, which has to take place in 2 months since the date of change (or else there are penalties provided).

Γ. Handling all the necessary legal actions to restore a cancelled residence permit in the competent immigration authorities.

Δ. Submission and control of the files for the award of Greek citizenship.


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