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Documents Translation as a Way of Proving Place of Birth and a New Form of Residence Permit

The year of 2017 initiated a number of various changes in the Greek legislation area, including migration law as well. The Greek G. S. for Migration Policy is very serious about taking under full control the issuance of residence permits and solving quite a few problems, which relate to various violations as well as the documents falsification.

Quite recently we got to share our publication on introduction of the new form of the residence permit in Greece with our readers. I should be reminded that it was actually about implementing a special digital card instead of a currently familiar sticker in the immigrant’s passport, which besides the usual personal data of the passport holder will also contain his biometrical data, that including his fingerprints.

Please be advised that declaring of the exact place of birth of the foreign citizen in English is now a prerequisite for those who are in the pursuit of the new format of the residence permit in Greece.

Our Law Office has established the daily practice concerning issues arising in the application of the new law, hence would like to highlight the fact, that quite a number of international passports of the citizens if CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.) as well as those of many other countries, indicate only the country of birth in the “Place of Birth” Box. In those few cases, when they indicate precisely place of birth (town, village, camp), it is printed not in English though, but in the state language of the foreign citizen and passport holder (Russian, Ukrainian etc.).

Consequently, what is that you should do in the given situation in order to save yourself some time, money and hassle by spending it in endless lines in those organizations servicing foreign nationals’ paperwork? Before submitting all your documents for residence permit processing, whether it is for its issue or extension, we strongly recommend that in due time you make the translation of the document that clearly states your exact place of birth in English. That includes the following documents:

 - in case if the international passport indicates the exact place of birth (town, village, camp), i.e. not only the country of birth, English translation of the passport will be enough

- in case if the international passport indicates only the country of birth  in the “Place of Birth” Box, it is necessary to arrange the official legalization of the English translation of another state certificate, which will mention precisely the place of birth. This may be, for example, any type of vital certificates in use (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, change of name certificate or any other consular references).

The Law Office of Mrs Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou within the shortest possible time is performing translations of the required documents as well as the official legalization of those translations for foreign nationals, residing throughout Greece, along with the legalization of the exact replicas of the given documents translation. The foundation of linguistically and editorially competent translation of the text of any degree of complexity is rigid compliance with the deadlines as well as correspondence to the normative nature of the translation into the certain language. The latter is of particular importance for such documents as international passports or vital certificates.

Furthermore, The Law Office of Mrs Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou holds consultations, provides legal assistance and offers services on A to Z processing of any type of residence permit, starting from submitting the necessary application and ending with the residence permit on your hands.

We will keep you informed on the updates about Greek immigration law. Stay tuned for the new publications posted on our website and on our social media pages:







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