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Restoration of Legal Status on the Country on Case of Expiry of the Residence Permit

Non-nationals who are currently illegally resident but previously had a residence permit in Greece are able to restore their legal status in the country according to Law 4332, published in July 2015. Regardless of the reasons for losing the previous residence permit, third-country nationals may apply for a residence permit for exceptional reasons. A prerequisite is to provide the Decentralized Administration of their place of residence with a photocopy of the latest permit as well as a passport that is in force or has expired. More specifically:

Two categories of procedure for submitting and examining the above application are provided in the relevant provisions of the law.

The first category concerns third-country nationals who have been in possession of a residence permit in the last decade, but the duration of their legal residence in Greece does not correspond to five years. In this case it is necessary that proof of their continuous stay in the country and the development of special ties with it from the expiry of the last permit until the submission of the application for the above new residence permit is provided to the Decentralized Administration of their place of residence.

The second category concerns third-country nationals who have been in possession of a residence permit in the last decade, and the total number of years with a residence permit in Greece is at least five. In this case, proof of the development of special ties with the country is not required, since the fact of a legal at least five-year residence is the above proof.

The additional conditions for the issue of this residence permit are:

- the date of expiry of the last residence permit must be in the last decade, regardless of whether the person concerned has received it or not,

- payment of a fee of three hundred (300) euro,

- the purchase of stamps for full insurance and medical coverage and the renewal of the health booklet is essential.

By submitting the above application and the necessary supporting documents, the Immigration Service grants a "blue certificate" which provides the right to legal access to dependent employment and the possibility of traveling to the country of origin.

It is noted that the "blue certificate" is also issued prior to the purchase of stamps from  IKA.

For those who do not have the time for the multiple routes to the immigration services and for the waiting hours there, Mrs. Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana's law office provides the relevant service of the client’s representation  in the administrative regions of Attica by proxy.





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