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What to Do if You Get a Negative Recommendation of the Naturalization Committee

Objections of the applicants for naturalization

Information concerns third-country citizens who have applied for Greek citizenship by naturalization and have been interviewed by the Naturalization Committee.

Not many people know that once you receive a negative opinion by the Committee you still have the opportunity to reverse the situation.

The amended “Greek Code of citizenship” provides the right for the naturalization applicants to appeal against negative results issued by the Naturalization Committee. Objections must be brought in writing within the time limit of fifteen (15) days from the date of the notification that is proved by the Naturalization Committee recommendation. The Citizenship Board is the competent agency, which examines objections according to a procedure provided in Article 28 of the Greek Code of citizenship.

Furthermore, according to the amended article 7 par. 6 of the Greek Code of citizenship by the law no. 3838/2010 the interested foreign national shall not be notified for analytical judgments, facts and information which are officially registered by authorities in an applicant’s file or are included in the body of the interview results if especially if it concerns public or national security issues.

Mrs Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana’s Law Office provides the full range of legal services such as preparation and submission of the necessary documents to acquire the Greek citizenship, supervision of client’s files throughout their review process and preparation of a client for the interview before the Naturalization Committee.

The way to the acquisition of the Greek citizenship is hard and demands preparation and experience of a lawyer who is specialized in this subject. Therefore, during the preparatory period we give all our attention to clients in order to succeed in the interview before the Naturalization Committee. Our long practice lets us totally understand every doubt and every concern of the aliens who have decided to acquire the Greek citizenship.

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