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Translation and certification of documents

The office of lawyer Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana produces highly qualified official written translations and notarial certification of documents concerning criminal, labor and family law and other law spheres.

The basis of any qualified translation is individual examination of text specificity, strict observation of timeframe, conformity with regulatory character of such documents as:
-    certificates of all acts of civil status (certificate of birth, certificate for marriage, bill of divorce, change of name deed, etc.),
-   background documents (non-conviction certificate, certificate confirming the composition of the family, medical certificates, certificate of performance of a liturgy, etc.),
-    constitutive and/or hereditary certificates,
-    warrants of attorney,
-    court decisions, plaints,
-    education certificates,
-    agreements and/or contracts,
-    other financial, book-keeping, commercial, legal documents.

The lawyer Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana certificates close copies of official documents, and also verifies written translations from/into Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, English according to the Greece Lawyers Code.

The main reasons to trust the office of the lawyer Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana to translate your documents are grammatical precision, punctuality and confidential approach that are absolutely important at fulfillment of translation of any complexity, and especially provision of professional consultation on necessity of legalization of a document. During different consultations the lawyer often explains precisely the client when legalization is necessary, which includes stamping “Apostille” on documents, accordingly the legalized document will be translated in future.

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