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Apostilling Documents in Greece

The documents issued by public authorities, as well as local self-government, can be used in another country only after their identification is established by law.

The Hague Convention, signed on October 5, 1961, established the most common way of processing documents used in order to provide documents abroad. This procedure is to affixing the Apostille stamp.

As of today, the Convention is attended by more than 100 countries around the world.

Apostilling a document in Greece is a procedure for additional control and document verification. Briefly: the essence of the Apostille is that it is a special stamp certifying the authenticity of a signature or seal under a document issued by a government agency of the States-parties to the Convention.

Articles 2 and 3 of the Convention state that all participating States exempt each other from the legalization of documents covered by this Convention and that will be submitted in the territory of another state. The only restriction in this case is the need to provide authentication of the signature of the official or the seal of the body that issued the document.

The Convention also specifies that a document bearing the stamp of an Apostille does not require additional processing and can be used in any State-party of the Convention.

Depending on the jurisdiction of the document, the Apostille is stamped in the relevant ministries. One of the typical errors in apostilling documents is the affixing Apostille in the wrong ministry. An incorrectly apostilled document can not be accepted by foreign state authorities.

The International Law Office of Mrs Svetlana Kasatkina-Kusku renders services for affixing Apostille stamp on the documents issued in Greece with a view to their further use abroad. Turning to us, you receive professionally processed and translated documents, to the language that you need, allowing you save your money and time.

We provide services for Apostille in Greece in the following areas:

- Apostille on the Certificate of non-conviction

- Apostille on the medical certificate

- Apostille on the birth certificate

- Apostille on the marriage certificate

- Apostille on the certificate of marital status

- Apostille on the certificate of divorce

- Apostille for permission to export the child

- Apostille on notarial powers of attorney

- Apostille on a diploma or certificate issued in Greece

Taking into consideration of our knowledge and experience, the well-established scheme of work with Apostille and translations of documents issued in Greece, which works as a clock, and convenient payment methods, you get a properly designed, ready-to-serve document with minimal expenses.



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