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Establishment Of An Individual Enterprise

The most widespread form of business for individuals who wish to develop small and medium-sized business is the Individual Business. This type is chosen by a large number of traders, both in commerce and crafts, as well as in the provision of services whilst an ever increasing number of freelancers and scientists are beginning to chose it, too.

The benefits that the individual formula provides to small and medium-sized businesses are indeed multiple:

  • the individual business is set up by a single natural person, who is the owner of the business. In the event of the establishment of a private enterprise by a foreign natural person, the basic requirement is a valid residence permit which allows the development of a free economic activity (member of a Greek citizen’s family, long-term residence permit for 5 years or permanent residence permit for 10 years). As a result, non-involvement of more people reduces the required formalities to the minimum and simplifies all stages of the procedure.
  • The sole owner of the business has the full supervision and control of all areas of the business, deals with clients and potential suppliers, can keep track of its course and has a view on the finances of his/her business, and therefore he can make the next steps to achieve the business purpose with absolute certainty and security.
  • Managing entrepreneurial action by a single person gives the firm a great deal of flexibility in making decisions. The owner, having a full picture of both the financial and business objectives, can take immediate business decisions without the need for third party information and agreement.
  • The establishment of the company does not require the payment of a minimum capital. This actually means that the owner is not obliged to pay any capital from the beginning and therefore is free to start his/her business without financial burdens.

The Law Office of Mrs. Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana proposes the above form of business to all the interested parties to develop small or medium-sized business and undertakes the whole procedure of establishing it. Specifically we deal with:

  • The legal address definition
  • Representation in front of the competent bodies and services
  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate free activity codes.
  • Implementation of the procedure with the relevant financial service and the competent insurance and professional bodies
  • Resolving any other issue

Our office, responding to the particular requirements of each case, always operating with speed and responsibility, guarantees the correct and timely establishment of your business, legal support at all stages of the process and care for its smooth and unhindered operation.

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