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Dealing with Road Accidents

In Greece, road accidents have been a timeless problem with serious social and economic repercussions. Statistics from the National Centre of Emergency Aid shows that the majority of road accident victims are of the age of 18-60, the core of the country's family, social and economic life. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of people especially Greeks, leads to a continuous increase in traffic accidents, whether they involve light injuries or serious or even fatal accidents.

The increased vehicle maintenance costs, combined with the continuing wage reductions in Greece nowadays, leads to the fact that most vehicles on the roads of Greece are usually poorly maintained and in most cases old vehicles, which in many cases get involved in traffic incidents. According to the findings of the Special Permanent Road Safety Committee of Greece, "the average Greek is provocatively implacable and indifferent to road accidents and their consequences. Quite simply because they think that the problem concerns everyone else but themselves. When they find that the problem is too close to them, it is usually too late, due to the fact that the already been involved in a road accident themselves or someone else in their family. Additionally, the extent of the Road Traffic Accident problem is clearly global and not limited to our country. For instance, the United Nations has established the "World Remembrance Day for Victims of Traffic Accidents".

The timeline during which most road accidents occur is between 17.00-21.00pm, but mainly during 24.00-07.00 pm. This is attributed to the fact that during the afternoon there is fatigue from work that affects driving. In addition during the hours from midnight and until dawn, there is a lot of traffic on the roads due to the return of drivers and passengers from nighttime entertainment usually under the influence of alcohol. In these accidents, as expected, the victims are mainly those of younger ages.

On the contrary during the hours from 07.00-09.00am, during which traffic is at its  most dense on almost all the roads in the country, fewer accidents occur because in this case, the drivers and passengers are usually driving towards their workplace and therefore pay more attention driving. But this again is not a rule, since its usual due to hasty driving, since drivers take more risky decisions, in their effort to save some crucial minutes in order to be in time foe their morning schedule and therefore road traffic incidents again occur. Lack of attention from the act of driving (usually due to use of the mobile phone) is now among the first causes of road accidents, but the number one cause, is driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances.

It is obvious that more often than not, despite the caution and attention shown by drivers or pedestrians, such incidents are cannot always be avoided and therefore anyone is likely to get involved in such an event.

This is where the aid and guidance of our office is crucial, since we can guide you step by step regarding the measures you should take to secure your legal rights and should it be necessary, make sure justice is awarded  in your name.

Specifically, our law firm mediate between the parties involved, securing your interests and seeking the most beneficial solution for you. However, if this is not possible via mediation, due of the nature of each case, our law firm can represent you in the state courts, ensuring your statutory legal rights and defending them accordingly.

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