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Translations. From Greek and vice versa

The international law office of Miss Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana, with its high experience in the field of translations and its high level language training, undertakes, at the basis of  its international orientation, to make for you translations into and from the following Slavic and European languages:





In Greek and vice versa!

 The law office of Miss Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana undertakes and guarantees the correct, faithful and accurate translation of your public or private documents, as provided for in Article 36 (2) (Law 4194/2013) of the Code of Lawyers. In fact, according to the new instructions of the Ministry of Interior, when submitting an application for the granting or renewal of your residence permit, there must now be a public document issued by the country of the foreign citizen, from which the exact name of the place birth must be provided. At the same time, our law firm undertakes not only the preparation and the submission of your application for residence permit but also the translation of the documents you have to submit to the Greek Ministry of Interior. You can bring us any public or private documents (court decisions, certificates, contracts, wills, private contracts, proxies, diplomas, passports, etc.) for translation, trusting the reputation and experience of our office which is able to deliver to you in no time a valid, thoughtful and absolutely accurate translation, ready to be used to any judicial or other Public or Private Authority.

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