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Residential or Commercial Real Estate

Nowadays every educated person knows that economic instability and depreciation of monetary assets can negate all efforts to form the capital and "eat" most of one’s personal finances. Therefore, many businessmen and entrepreneurs prefer one reliable and safe type of investment, that being real estate investment. Active investing in real estate can be done in several different ways, though most investing involves either residential or commercial real estate. Surely, there are differences between commercial and residential real estate investing and each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

It's no secret that today liquid residential houses and buildings have the most stable value, unlike shares, vouchers and other securities. In addition, they allow you to receive a constant profit, for example, from renting an apartment or office space. Over the past few years, many residential properties in Greece have become one of the main parts of the investment market. And this concerns not only elite houses and country cottages, but some apartments that are relatively low-cost. Due to relatively low start-up costs almost anyone can go into residential real estate investing. If you're investing in residential real estate to flip it, you make your income on the profit margin between your purchase price and your sale price. However, many people buy residential real estate and become landlords because it's relatively easy to find paying tenants. Even the political and economic situation in the state can not affect the investment in real estate, especially from third-country national. This is also explained by the fact that by acquiring a property worth at least 250,000 euro, a foreign citizen has the right with basically a 100% guarantee to obtain a residence permit in Greece for 5 years.

Also investments of special interest and value are those in commercial real estate situated in large and prestigious municipal centers of megacities, because business in those is booming so much faster. That is why buying apartments, houses and other commercial premises located in Greek capital or in major Greek municipalities is much more profitable than buying real estate somewhere within the province regions.

Investing in commercial premises, shopping centers, business centers and entertainment centers is an excellent opportunity to save your money and to make a profit for a long period of time. Since the welfare of the inhabitants of Greece is in a constant stage of growth, each year they can spend more and more money on various necessary things and entertainment. Investing in commercial real estate can bring profit literally immediately, because it involves a powerful working capital. Thus, investors who have free finance or take loans can invest their money in shopping malls or entertainment complexes. Commercial real estate investing, though, typically involves much higher start-up costs than residential real estate investing because commercial properties are pricier. However, commercial properties, if bought and managed or sold smartly, can generate significant revenue or sale profits.

The International Law Office of Mrs. Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou provides full legal support on real estate transactions throughout Greece, cooperating with the real estate agencies in order to offer assistance with purchasing or selling real estate property in Greece. Our office also undertakes the process required to obtain residence permit for the owner of the real estate property and his or her family in Greece, which is valid for the whole Schengen area for 5 years. In addition to this the law office offers special legal services for starting a company and/or a branch of a company in Greece and at the same time is responsible for obtaining the residence permit for the company/branch’s members in the County. 

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