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Residence Permit Categories in Greence (N.4251.2014)

Α) Residence Permit for work and professional reasons
Α1. Workers with dependent work – rendering of services or work
Α2. Special purpose workers
Α3. Investment activity
Α4. High-skilled employment "Blue Card"

Β) Temporary Residence
Β1. Seasonal work
Β2. Fishermen
Β3. Members of artistic groups
Β4. Third-country nationals moving from an enterprise established in a State- Member of the Europeran Union or the European Economic Area, with the purpose of providing a service
Β5. Third-country nationals moving from an enterprise established in a third country for the purpose of providing a service
Β6. Leaders of organized tourism groups
Β7. Third-country nationals from tertiary education participating in internship programs

C) Residence Permit for humanitarian, exceptional and other reasons
C1. Humanitarian reasons
C2. Exceptional reasons
C3. Public interest
C4. Other reasons

D) Residence Permit  for studies, voluntary work, research and vocational training
D1. Studies
D2. Voluntary work
D3. Research
D4. Vocational training

Ε) Residence Permit  for victims of human trafficking and smuggling of migrants

F) Family Reunion Residence Permit 
F1. Family members of a third-country national
F2. Family members of Greek or homogeneous
F3. An autonomous residence permit for a third-country national or a homogeneous family member
F4. Privileged right of residence for members of the Greek family

G) Long Term Residence Permit  
G1. Long-term resident residence  permit  
G2. Second-generation residence permit
G3. Ten-year residence  permit  


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