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Recreational Craft - Sale And Purchase

Greece is one of the countries with the largest coastline in the world, as it is surrounded by sea from almost all points of the compass and has thousands of larger or smaller islands. Like all the Mediterranean countries, it has a mild climate, while favorable conditions of cruising prevail in its calm blue waters. All of the above circumstances have made this small country one of the largest maritime powers in the world, with ships flying the Greek flag amounting to a few thousands. The Greeks, realizing the dynamics of their country in this field, dealt with shipping from the very early days, by building shipyards, establishing shipping companies and building the necessary structures for ships’ mooring.

Over the last few years, not only the traditional maritime and commercial sector, but also the purchase and sale of recreational craft thrives in the country. Many Greeks and foreigners who visit the country for their holidays decide to buy a boat and take excursions to nearby places, discover the unique sea beauties or visit the picturesque Aegean islands. The southern suburbs of Athens, Piraeus and the wider region of Attica are ideally suited for boat docking in the dozens of harbors built for this purpose.

The process of acquiring a pleasure boat is not very difficult, as long as you get all the information you need, so that you can choose a suitable boat and that you take all the right steps to transfer the ownership without any problems or discomfort. So, first you have to make the right choice of vessel. In this process, it is very important that the needs of the buyer are clear and the type of vessel that covers them is found. In a second stage and once a candidate vessel has been found, it must be appropriately inspected by competent inspectors to determine if it has any defects. After the buyer has decided which craft he/she will buy, we go on to the legal part of the agreement and the declaration of change of ownership to the competent authorities. At this point, the buyer must show the utmost care to achieve an advantageous and secure agreement on the one hand and avoid mistakes and unnecessary moves before the public authorities on the other hand.

Therefore, in order to accomplish all the above, it is important for each interested person to seek the assistance of a professional who knows the boat market and their characteristics, but also knows the legal procedures required for their ownership transfer and the requirements of the authorities.

Mrs. Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou Law Office undertakes cases of purchase and sale of recreational boats and guarantees their handling from the beginning to the end, with responsibility, promptness and speed. Specifically, in cooperation with experienced partners from accredited vessel sales agencies, we help you choose the boat you want and we will suggest the appropriate specialist inspector who will certify the good condition of the boat. Our great experience in the field allows us to be fully aware of the necessary supporting documents, which, after gathering, we submit to the competent authorities so that the transfer of ownership becomes strong. Finally, we are looking for a suitable berth for your boat. We handle all of the above by contacting the public finance authorities and the port authority and being always at your disposal so that you are informed, feel safe and do not suffer any inconvenience.




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