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The lawyer,  Kasatkina-Kouskou Svetlana, provides legal advice  the maintenance and conduct of transactions related with the  purchase of real estate in Greece, to investors, companies or individuals.

The Law Office of Ms. Kasatkina- Kouskou Svetlana  and its qualified staff,  provide comprehensive legal and tax advice, as far as it concerns business or  investment projects.

The new law 3908/2011 on investment policy has changed the vector for private investment in Greece.

The implementation of new procedures to improve the economic development of the country, in connection with the new aforementioned law has revealed new financial means for the development of innovative projects and new technologies. The new law covers all sectors of the economy and enables the development of entrepreneurship.  Under the new law, one of the main principles for the development of business is the existence of private or state-owned investment companies. There is a number of programs that can strengthen and develop the regional unity and form  the conditions for the creation of new jobs.
The basic Greek Law on Investment lays the foundations for  healthy business and the strong development of "young" business.  The main provisions of the law concern the opportunity to obtain special grants and subsidies for the development of certain types of activities by persons under the age of 40 years. There is a variety of investment programs  related to  activities, such as:
• Creation of new business
• Expansion of business
• Modernization of business
• Business restructuring
• Business Management
The investment program concerning the start of a new business or the development, improvement, modernization of existing plants connected for example with areas like farms, hotels, the territory of health, tourism, and other areas of small and medium businesses, provides an exemption from the payment of taxes for some time long. There is also the repayment of expenses, leases, other long-term financing means.

Separate category in the new law "On the development of Greece" is the "youth" entrepreneurship. This category includes investment subsidies for entrepreneurs aged between 20 and 40 years who intend to initiate a series of practical operation of enterprises, mid small and micro-enterprises.  As a result we observe the creation of new jobs and  flexible competitiveness  in certain sectors of the economy.

The current law regulates the development of the Greek economy from the perspective of investment incentives and provides new ideas to implement business development in the country. Programs and financing conditions are evaluated depending on the region in which the company operates. For each proposal,   the nature and   the value of the investment project are taken into account.

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